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Choose from one of the methods below. We deliver to town centre areas via our own delivery service or uber eats. 


Message us your order on whatsapp. We will confirm your order within 10 minutes. 

Please state the following; 

- Pick Up or drop off time. 

- Order Details and Quantities

Please note, we need at least 45 minutes to prepare your meals.


You must have the app downloaded to order.  

Call up

Call the below number & we'd be delighted to take your order. 

Just give us 45 minutes to prepare your food to the best of our ability. 


If you'd like some face-to-face interaction, we're old school & would love you to drop in. 

The only glitch, is we'd need 30 minutes to prepare your order. 

Uber Eats

We have partnered with the world's leading food delivery app. 

Just click the link below & we'll open straight up. 

You may need to download the app first. 

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